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Greetings, ravers! TRR time is once again upon us, and we are putting together another incredible event for our second-to-last edition of this iconic series! 

TRR9_PREFLYER.jpg (750×277)

Total Request Rave 9: Elements of Light will feature not just incredible Happy Hardcore and rave music, but will also incorporate a unique visual performance to take you on a journey through the four elements. Of course, you'll also have the chance to choose what you want to hear during the TRR set, and most importantly of all you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique and magical vibe that you create at each of our events, for one of the last times before we wrap up for good next year.

Full details will be announced in two weeks, and tickets will go on sale at that time for $35. However, for those of you who already know what this event offers, we're offering a special early bird ticket pricing. You can get your TRR ticket right now and for the next two weeks for just $25! This deal is available online and at Shanti Baba until October 15th.

There's just two TRRs left. You know you're going - why pay more? Get your tickets today for just $25 and get ready to rave!

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When a rainbow malfunctions, who can set it to right? Only ravers, that’s who!

Join us for a very special Rainbow Rebuild event, where we’ll use music to build a rainbow together!

tgrr.jpg (1291×613)

Featuring some of Toronto’s finest DJs, and one special west coast guest!

IAN K (Seattle, USA) –, SeattleHARDCORE
Virus –
Missile Posse (Dynamic b2b Saiyan) *RAINBOW REBUILD SET* - Nocturnal Commissions, CHC
Xphox – Nocturnal Commissions,
ad hoc – Nocturnal Commissions,
Perpetual Motion (Krahlah b2b Polaris) – Dub Hub Toronto, Odyssey Productions

This event features all the brightly-coloured trimmin’s, including:

- Incredible deco from our own Dream Builders!
- Lasers and lighting from Laser Dude!
- Fresh fruit and candy giveaways to keep your energy up!
- TRIP booth and on-side, rave-friendly medics for your safety!
- Our traditional Nocturnal Commissions Kandie Kontest – the rainbow-ier, the better!
- Free CD giveaways from the Nocturnal Commissions crew!
- And most of all, that one-of-a-kind, technicoloured, highly-prismatic, rainbowrific vibe that YOU bring to each and every Nocturnal Commissions event!

Tickets: $15 advance, $20 door
Available at Shanti Baba (546 Queen Street West) and online below!

This event is 16+, with licensed area for the beverage-inclined. 

Doors open at 9 PM
Venue is the Rockpile, 5555 Dundas West, Toronto


We will each be adding colourful pieces to a group rainbow through the night. Also, each attendee will receive one Rainbow Rebuild Kit. During the Rainbow Rebuild set, listen for the songs we play and check your kits – each colour will have several songs associated, only one of which will be played. We play fast, so pay attention and don’t miss any! Correctly identify each colour’s song and you’ll have rebuilt your own rainbow. Turn in your correctly rebuilt rainbow for a prize from NC!

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