Artist Bio :: Xphox

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Name: Nicholas Diotte
Hometown: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Affiliations: Nocturnal Commissions / Xphox.net
Genres: Happy Hardcore, Electro House
Websites: www.nocturnalcommissions.com

It was January 2005 when a young up-and-coming DJ Xphox (pronounced sssfox) was booked to play "Tag! You're It!", a launch party for a then fledgling promotion company calling itself Nocturnal Commissions. From opening parties to stealing the show, Xphox paid his dues over the years, bringing crowds to their feet and earning the professional respect of peers and party-goers alike. He has taken the North American hardcore scene by storm and in four short years has risen from up-and-comer to headliner, traveled North America and established a wide fan base which has come to love and support him.

Being a naturally social creature, Xphox soon became lonely playing solo all the time and started looking for a partner in crime. It was around this time an arrangement was made with a wily veteran who spun under the moniker DJ Tempest. One drunken and best-forgotten night, Casual Insertion was born. Their debut mix, "Just Fuckin' Around" [which, in all honesty was exactly that] went into local circulation and was so well received that the duo were inspired to step up, build a studio, and take the next steps toward cementing their legacy.

In the studio sometime around 2008, through hours of musical experimentation, Xphox started discovering a new sound, something he realized he had been missing. Until he heard it he hadn't even realized how deeply he had missed it in his life. While he knew that happy hardcore would always hold a place in his heart, he realized that what he had wasn't enough and he instantly immersed himself in his new-found love. Dabbling in a bit of drum & bass and trance was fun, but it wasn't until discovering the dirty bass lines of electro house that he knew he had come home... again.