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Do you like anime, carnivals, music, raving, ridiculous fun, shiny objects, gaming, hoola hoops, unicorns, Hamtaro, or fun? Because Nocturnal Commissions is joining forces with Newmindspace, Rothko, Anime North and more like some sort of Voltron of rave to bring you the wild and wonderful experience of a lifetime - Atomic Lollipop! We know that the folks behind the event have a bewildering array of fun things planned, so we’re going to focus on doing our part. That part, of course, is bringing you a slamming fucking hardcore rave with the happiest hardcore beats this side of Tokyo! We’ve assembled another all-star cast of performers, including:

INITIAL P [Seattle]- You’ve heard his music in DDR, now see him LIVE at Atomic Lollipop!  A musical innovator and celebrated master remixer, Initial P has taken the anime world by storm and spread his awesome tracks to every corner of the globe!  Managing his own record label, *Disko Warp Music*, he has been responsible for some of the hottest anime tracks ever.  If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have a wave of pure awesome hit your eardrums then check out Initial P on the Otakubaloo stage and prepare to be amazed!

VIRUS - From Toronto to the shores of distant magic lands, DJ Virus is renowned as an international J-Core Superstar.  If you’ve heard his mixes, then you know you can’t miss this epic set.  If you haven’t heard his music, don’t take our word for it, just check this out- *Japanese Hardcore Mix, Konnichiwa 4!*

SCOOTS - DJ Scoots is a self-proclaimed hardcore super-heroine, fighting the evil forces of apathy and jadedness since the dawn of the millennium with rainbow lasers and fuzzy kitten bombs! When not fighting for PLUR, she can usually be found scouting out rare Japanese hardcore records, throwing Goodfellaz parties, eating fried plantains or snuggling with her two cats, Brisky and Maya.

TEMPEST – Hamilton’s hardcore hero rejoins the NC stage fresh off his first appearance at HTID in the Sun, the world’s largest raving holiday, and he’s bringing his favourite hardcore beats for your enjoyment!

ROLLS ROYCE – Rolls Royce’s first gig was a poorly-publicized DJ set at the “Woodstock Music and Arts Festival” in 1969. The performance was panned as “Confusing” and “Loud.” Despondent, he retired and spindled himself into a cocoon, beginning a 37 year hibernation. He emerged, transformed, in 2007 and has since been tearing up Toronto’s rave, club and renegade party scene.  Royce currently holds residences spinning at a secret Techno club at the top of the CN tower that admits only high-ranking government officials, robots, babes, and robot-babes.

HYPERSHINE – With an encyclopedic knowledge of internet, otaku, rave and doujin cultures, Hypershine serves up the hottest rave tracks from Japan. Prep yourself for a bouncy blend of japanese tracks compiled from japanese mainstream, underground dance music and internet meme exploitation. If your interests include ‘Japanese music’ and ‘dancing ‘til it hurts,’ don’t miss this one!

And of course, your Nocturnal Commissions favourites, who need no introduction – XPHOX, AD HOC, FLYBOY and DYNAMIC!

After years of travel around the globe, we can rest assured of this fact – we have the best damn ravers on the entire planet, and we’re proud of it! That’s why we work hard to ensure that our raves are worthy of you – and that means you can always expect a full-on rave experience like none other, including:

- Happy Rave and Raygun Designs concession booths for all your raving needs!

- World-class décor from our own Dream Builders!

- Fresh fruit and candy giveaways through the night to keep your energy up!

- Our traditional Kandie Kontest, with fun prizes for the most outlandish otaku outfit!

- Free CD giveaways from the NC crew!


- And most of all, that one-of-a-kind, supremely-friendly, otakubalicious, best-night-ever vibe that YOU bring with you to each and every Nocturnal Commissions event!

Get your tickets straight from the Atomic Lollipop website, or from these fine retailers:

  • AnimeXtreme (315 Spadina Ave, Toronto) – No Service Fee
  • Silver Snail Comics (367 Queen Street West, Toronto) – $2 Service Fee
  • Planet Hobby (Square One Mall, Mississauga) – $2 Service Fee
  • The Fairies Pyjamas (29 Kensington Ave, Toronto) – No Service Fee

See you soon, ravers!





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THANK YOU to everyone who came out to Together Forever! We could not have asked for a better event. You guys are the best!

See you all at Total Request Rave 6 in November! :D

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