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Total Request Rave 3 - Front
Total Request Rave 3 - Back


Toronto is home to many talented DJs, many fine promoters, and many excellent producers. But the one thing that truly sets Toronto's rave community apart as one of the world's best is YOU - the enthusiastic, passionate, PLURry, and downright amazing ravers who come together each event to build something special. We at NC and Embedded recognize how lucky we are to have such an incredible group of people around us, and that's why every year, we give you an event to truly call your own, putting YOU in charge of the music just like YOU are always in charge of the vibe.

Ravers... it's that time again!

On Saturday, November 8th, Nocturnal Commissions joins forces once again with Embedded Entertainment and YOU to put on the world's only fully-interactive rave experience - TOTAL REQUEST RAVE!!

If you were at the first two, you already know how - and why - this has rapidly become Toronto's favourite event, with ravers coming from all over the continent and performers from all across the globe to take part in this special experience. If you missed TRR 1 and 2, then this is your chance to find out what it's all about!

Enjoy a truly international lineup, with talented performers from all across the globe, including:

Vapour [UK] - Ever since "Goal!" Vapour has been looking forward to the chance to return to Toronto for another chance to party with our world class ravers, and we're excited to bring his extra-bouncy hardcore back to this side of the pond!

Garbo [UK] - Host of some of the best events in the UK, Garbo storms across the ocean with some of the most slammin' hard house you'll ever hear!

Opel - Our own DJ Opel is a crowd favourite around the world, and here's your chance to see why!

Mizz Lee b2b Lucy Ford - The First Ladies of Drum and Bass return once again to the NC stage!

Station - DJs Xofer and Opel are the world's foremost purveyors of lamp-shade wearing breaks!

Xphox - Toronto Hardcore's fast rising star, Xphox is ready to shake his bottom and make you shake yours!

The Buzz
- Fuzzboy and the Bliz, all in one go - can YOU handle it?!?

Tyco b2b Dave of the Rave
- Local legend Tyco reunites with NC's own Dave of the Rave to pour concentrated awesome all over the dancefloor!

Restricted Viewing
- The Brain Cell boys take the stage to lift your spirits with their own unique trance stylings!

Destructo - This Beat Rancher is off the range to rustle up some hard bangin' beats and herd them your way!

Trixie Firecracka - What do all the best Hard House songs have in common? They're in this Londoner's record bag!

Rolls Royce [USA] - American up and comer Rolls Royce is ready to celebrate the summer with proper hardcore choonage!

M@ - Local up and comer M@ has great music and long hair! Hey, it worked for Jim Morrison!

And as always, YOU will have your chance to choose the music, as Dynamic [USA] and George (Who Spins Records) once again take the stage to perform the songs you select!

We always go above and beyond to bring you creative, quality rave experiences, but we'll be honest - Total Request Rave is always our favourite event, and we're going to even further lengths to make this a night for the history books! What does that mean for you? It means:

- Free glowsticks for the first 300 attendees - use them to vote on the songs YOU want to hear during the TRR set! (And don't forget to give a couple of lightshows during the night, too!)
- Special limited edition CDs from DJ Opel and from DJ Dynamic for first time ravers AND the people who bring them! Bring a friend to get yours!
- Projection screens for our raviest voting yet!
- Fresh fruit and candy giveaways through the night to keep your energy up!
- TRIP, Happy Rave, and Robotpilot concession booths for all your extra raving needs!
- World class decor from our own Dream Builders, including the famous Kandielier!
- Totally epic lasers from Laserglow!
- Free facepainting!
- Discounted Early Bird tickets - just 20$ at Numb (250 Queen Street West) until October 1st! (25$ after and 30$ at the door)
- Our traditional Kandie Kontest with special prizes for the MOST kandied out raver, so go all out and dress your craziest!
- And most importantly of all: that one-of-a-kind, positively-intense, hot-like-the-sun-and-wet-like-the-rain, happiest-of-happy-hardcore Nocturnal Commissions vibe that YOU bring with you, to each and every one of our events!!! There ain't nothin' else like it, and it's all because of you!


Ravers - this is what we love, and this is what we live for! Get your whistles, grab your bracelets, and get ready to show the world - we are hardcore ravers, and the night belongs to us!

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